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Social media is no longer just something “the kids are doing.” It’s evolved into a necessary piece of marketing strategy giving businesses an instant connection to their audience. If your business isn’t utilizing social media sites to their fullest potential you are losing out on a huge opportunity to reach your potential clients.

As an online marketing consultant, I make managing your social media easy. Using my multi-platform social media expertise, I manage your accounts, engage your customers, and help you reach potential leads while you focus on running your business.

I started working with Money Smarts Inc., an accounting business, in 2015. In less than three months they went from a page 6 Google search rank to page 1. Within one month of that, they were in the top spot!

The owner had been paying to boost posts but decided his money (and time) was better spent doing what he wanted to do – work with clients. He hired me to increase customer engagement without putting money into the black hole of Facebook boosting.

We started sharing relevant, informative and helpful information on Money Smarts Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Then we began sending short, informative monthly emails. Two ‘easy’ things but the impact was huge! And not something he had the staff or patience to do himself.

Once you start experiencing the success of my social marketing solutions, you’ll realize the value in continued support. My client’s success is important to me and even after the initial engagement numbers rise, I am continually working and learning to help them grow so they can become the business they envisioned when they started.

I continue to serve as Money Smarts marketing “team”, managing both email marketing and social media accounts. I advise the owner on marketing trends and provide feedback on any questions he might have, so he can make better informed decisions about his company branding. I connect with him weekly and most of the time I’m greeted with another story of how a new client found Money Smarts online or how Facebook engagement has increased. Not only does that make me smile, it makes me work harder to keep the momentum going!

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